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How did our tea story begin?


Let’s be clear, we love loose leaf tea! Putting the kettle on is always the first thing we do in the morning and we don’t stop there. We enjoy cuppas throughout the day up until we turn off the lights for bed. 


However, over the last few years, we started to notice a pattern of disturbed sleep and our intake of daily caffeine in tea. So we decided to research how we could begin quitting caffeine and employ a healthier approach towards our drinks. 

We needed to avoid the harmful effects of caffeine

Life wasn’t the same. Drinking loose leaf tea was a social experience for us and gave us a moment for ourselves in the evening, after a tough day at work. We needed our favourite drink back, but without the negative health impacts of caffeine!


As we spoke to other people about this, it became apparent that many others were wanting to reduce their caffeine intake for health reasons or due to medical advice (such as those going through pregnancy). Therefore, we wanted to make a positive difference to these people by providing more choice and delicious tasting caffeine free tea blends. 

We developed delicious & all natural tea blends

WILDBOS is a  caffeine free tea brand based in Birmingham and we hand blend all of our products in the UK. We create delicious loose leaf blends that provide natural alternatives to decaffeinated teas, avoiding damage to the quality of the leaves. To create our unique blends, we primarily use super grade rooibos, south african honeybush and herbal plants such as chamomile & peppermint. These provide a wonderful taste for tea-drinkers who are looking to enjoy all of the health benefits of high antioxidants without the drawbacks of caffeine. So now, tea can be enjoyed all day and everyday!

Our WILDBOS loose leaf tea shop was born!

The rooibos or aspalathus linearis plant (redbush) and heuningbos  or cyclopia plant (honeybush) are both native to South Africa, being grown in the Western and Eastern Cape respectively. These plants act as the base for many of our loose tea blends, given that they naturally contain no caffeine, so we wanted to ensure these key components were incorporated into our brand name. We chose the suffix "BOS" meaning bush in Afrikaans and teamed it with "WILD" to reflect the natural properties of these plants - WILDBOS was born!


Don’t be addicted to caffeine, be addicted to tea with WILDBOS!

Learn more about the world of alternatives to decaffeinated tea on our blog and visit our shop to order loose leaf tea online right to your door!