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I am so glad to have discovered Wildbos - thank you for coming into my life! What an excellent concept and such a variety it’s hard to choose! The Vanilla Orchid & Honeybush is absolutely delicious and being caffeine free, it allows me to enjoy a cup before bed. Do yourselves a favour and get yourself some! 5*


Minty Meadows is everything anyone could dream of. It looks delicious, it smells delicious and it tastes delicious. A mint girls heaven. Another flavour that took be by surprise was Mindful Moments. I didn’t expect it to taste as good as it looked; It smells like a flowerbed. I can’t wait to try the rest!!


Never had rooibos tea with such flavour. Used to drink Tick tock but won't go back now.


This is a whole experience and I love the depth of flavour.

Kay Murray

After developing caffeine intolerance, I have been seeking alternatives to black tea. Thank goodness I came across Wildbos. I tried the Earl Grey and it is superb and so full of flavour that it is hard to believe it is caffeine free. It beats all the other makes of Rooibos that I've tried to date by a very large margin.

Ali Abaza

Would highly recommend for those who enjoy a hot drink but don't necessarily want the caffeine. The masala chai is my go to wind down drink and the earl grey is my go to regular.


Absolutely no compromise on flavour. Highly recommend!


Recently purchased the masala chai given it is the season for chai!


It was amazing, great flavour and was perfect to have in an evening or in an afternoon. Was a real treat.


Recommend 100%